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Employees Are Letting Hackers Into Your Network ... What You Can Do To Stop It

Cyberthreats are everywhere these days. Hackers, scammers and cybercriminals are working overtime to break into your network – and the network of just about every business out there. They have a huge arsenal of tools at their disposal, from automated bots ...

Keeping Your Mobile Device Secure On-The-Go

We live in a mobile world. Even when we’re at home, we’re connecting to people and places all over the world. Even in the current conditions of social distancing, many of us are likely getting out of the house when ...

Navigating Your Business Through Crisis to Come Out Ahead

What happens when events beyond your control affect the daily operation of your business. This question has come to the forefront due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, but there are many factors that can affect the well-being of a business. ...

Creating Your Incident Response Plan

In a recent post we discussed how to be a “human firewall” to protect your company’s information. In this month’s issue, we’ll be talking about how a human firewall responds to a security incident. Why do you need an Incident ...

Working from Home Tips and Tricks: Securing Zoom

Ever heard of Zoom-bombing?  Are you using Zoom?  Should you be worried about the security of your online Zoom meetings? If you use Zoom for online meetings, you NEED to read on to find out how to use Zoom while ...

Cybercriminals Are Counting On You Letting Your Guard Down

The world is slowing down during this COVID-19 pandemic. Wall Street is being hit hard. People are no longer going out. We’re told to quarantine or self-isolate and not engage in groups. There is one group that’s not slowing down ...

Working Remotely: Best Practices

The ability to work from anywhere can be a great asset. It can keep your business up and running when employees aren't able to leave their homes; in a natural disaster or in an unprecedented occurrence like the current outbreak ...

How to be a Human Firewall to Protect Your Network

Having a firewall installed to protect your network is an important component of cyber security but keeping your data safe from cyber criminals takes a layered approach. Do you know another important factor that can help keep your network safe? ...

Stimulus Technologies Holiday Gift Guide

Mackie FreePlay GO Portable Bluetooth Speaker The Mackie FreePlay GO is great for listening to music, audiobooks, and presentations in small spaces as well as larger meeting rooms. With up to 15 hours of battery life it is perfect for ...

Nathan Whittacre Talks Cyber Security on Las Vegas Now

Nathan Whittacre, President & CEO of Stimulus Technologies, sat down with the CBS 8News Now Team to discuss protecting businesses from hackers on their afternoon news show, Las Vegas Now. During the interview, Nathan talked about a layered approach to ...


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