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Stimulus Technologies dedicates real computing resources to your VoIP service. This is how we guarantee reliable high quality calls every time. And with Stimulus VoIP you get much more than a phone system—you gain a full-service team ready to assist you with every communication need. No request is too small. We make it our priority to provide excellent customer service—all day, every day.

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Business VoIP Services

VoIP is an excellent solution for your small or medium-sized business. Traditional voice calling is only one of the countless features. Extend your capacity and access with call forwarding to mobile and desktop devices. Fax and text over the internet. VoIP services enhance your customer service, giving clients new ways to communicate. And most importantly VoIP expands with your business growth, from additional lines to new features, VoIP goes where you’re going.

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Residential VoIP Services

VoIP isn’t just for business. Gel your at-home communications with high-quality sound and features absent from your mobile phone. Residential VoIP is a compliment to your mobile phone and home computer. Reduce landline and international dial-up costs by carrying voice and much much more over your existing internet connection.

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Should you switch to VoIP? The answer is an easy one—it's the right call for your home and business. With guaranteed uptime and a quality VoIP system from Stimulus Technologies, you have access to premium features without the price tag. Use these features to conserve resources and expand business growth. Ensure your employees are able to connect with clients and with each other. Give your organization an edge in voice and expanded communications only available through VoIP services from Stimulus Technologies.

There’s a reason businesses in Las Vegas, Long Beach, CA, and Jefferson City outsource their IT to Stimulus Technologies—we’re the best. Our clients will tell you, or perhaps they already have: our dedicated team and locally staffed help desk manage your technology needs. All of them! We’re the IT service that fits your business.

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  • What is VoIP?

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lets you make and receive phone calls over the Internet. Instead of using a traditional phone service that sends signals over a wire, VoIP converts your voice to data and sends it over the internet.

  • Is VoIP Secure?

    Yes, very secure. VoIP transfers over the internet, so data encryption is used to secure transmissions against hackers and cybercriminals.

  • What Capabilities Does Business VoIP Enable?

    VoIP includes features that aren’t found on common phone services. VoIP systems support, call forwarding, transferring, and recording, text messaging and chat capabilities, voicemail-to-email transcriptions and so much more.

  • Is VoIP reliable?

    Very reliable! Critics argue that since VoIP relies on your internet connection, the voice quality suffers or is unreliable. These opinions surfaced from the early days of VoIP networks when connections were less refined and reliable.

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Finally an IT PARTNER that can do everything

Imagine a technology partner already familiar with your industry and business needs. Imagine your data and network—secure. Imagine business continuity and dependable voice and data services. Imagine round-the-clock support and flat rate pricing. Stimulus Technologies is your single source for every IT need. From Managed IT, to Broadband ISP to VoIP, we dedicate people and resources just for you and we do it all in-house with our own talent and technology.

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