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Get a group of business owners together and there are usually two questions that come up: how long have you had your business and what is your annual revenue?  Both are interesting questions but are generally asked for vanity. Neither ...

Ready For The End Of Windows 7 and Server 2008?

Over 40% of businesses are still on the now outdated Windows 7 platform and/or Server 2008. If you’re one of them, you’ll need to upgrade your operating system by the end of the year. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will ...

6 Phone Apps To Boost Productivity

Evernote— As the name suggests, this app is for taking notes. The cool thing about Evernote is that users can capture a variety of media types: voice memos, text, imges, and checklists. Users can snap shots of a passage from ...

Don’t Fall Victim to These Common Social Media Phishing Scams

When we think of phishing scams, we usually think of email, but phishing scams can happen on social media as well. Social media accounts are particularly appealing to scammers because people tend to let their guard down on their Facebook, ...

Common Phishing, Spear-Phishing, and Whaling Scams

The “Free Dinner” Scam: In this spear-phishing attack, scammers research an individual’s social media pages to find out what charities they support. They will then send an email that appears to be from that charity asking for feedback in exchange for ...

Pirates of the Dark Web

   When we think of pirates, the first images that come to mind are probably the likes of Captain Hook from Peter Pan or Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean in giant wooden ships full of men, with eye ...

How Often Should You Change Your Password?

It’s Not Necessarily A Matter of When, But Why? Passwords have become a complicated, and time-consuming, fact of life. According to Security Magazine, the average business user has 191 passwords. If you find yourself always signing in to things, you ...

Don't Become a Victim of Spear Phishing

What is Spear-Phishing? You’ve probably heard of the term phishing. It’s something we talk a lot about here at Stimulus Technologies when we educate ...

Is BYOD Bad For Your Business Security?

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, also known as, BYOP, BYOT, and BYOPC is the latest trend in companies today. BYOD allows employees to use their personal phones, tablets and even laptops to complete work. According to Comodo Security Solutions, ...

9 Tips For Shopping Online and Why You Shouldn’t Use A Debit Card

With the holiday season upon us, online shopping may be your favorite option for getting your gifts out without the hassle of going to crowded malls and shops. If you do shop online (and these days, who doesn’t?), you’ll want ...


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