ZERO downtime, dedicated technician, and a knowledgeable and customer-oriented company

The single, biggest benefit that Stimulus Technologies has provided is 100% uptime. It sounds amazing, but we really have had ZERO downtime — quite a feat. It is imperative to have the highest expectations when it comes to seamless operations regarding e-communications and IT infrastructure. Our company, as with most companies, cannot afford any downtime or inabilities to work. Our bottom line and credibility would be greatly impacted. We so appreciate the personalized, high-touch service that we receive from our dedicated technician on a weekly basis. This has allowed us to create a tight and reliable bond, making an “outside” vendor seem like an “inside” partner enabling us to work through issues and strategically plan future IT-related projects for the company.

Stimulus’ ability to resolve our issues in a prompt manner is above our expectations and has allowed us to focus on our business rather than IT-related problems. The ability to call or open a ticket and trust that our concerns will be addressed in a timely manner is at the core of what an IT-support company should be able to do—and do well.

Choosing an IT partner can be daunting. There must be trust, confidence, and reassurance. It’s not an easy decision and the wrong choice could set your company back at the very least. Aligning ourselves with the right IT partner has been an important and critical commitment. We are extremely pleased with the service, honesty, and dedication we receive from Stimulus Technologies.

Stimulus Technologies is a great asset to our company and has been able to grow with us while improving our ever-changing IT challenges. You can rest assured that if you choose Stimulus Technologies you will be partnering with a knowledgeable and customer-oriented company every step of the way.

Ken Lamug Chief Information Officer
Kingsbarn Realty Capital
Las Vegas, NV

The Stimulus Technologies Team Looks Out For Our Best Interest

Technology is a great asset to businesses, but can become a great detriment if it’s not consistently monitored and updated. Stimulus Technologies gives us peace of mind in knowing that when any IT issues arises, we will get them quickly and effectively resolved, allowing us to continue providing our own clients with the service they expect. Stimulus Technologies always looks out for our best interest and stands behind their services.

Kyle J. Kirwan Partner and Co-Founder
Cornerstone Wealth Management
Las Vegas, NV

Building Our Business For Over 15 Years With Stimulus Technologies

For over 15 years, Nathan and his Stimulus Technologies team have helped me build and simplify my healthcare business. We started with some basic operations software. Along the way, systems technology was added to manage our multiple locations and our national client work.  I wholeheartedly trust Stimulus will be ready for any future Nevada Sleep Diagnostics technology challenges.

Robert H. Labanowski, CPA, RPSGT CEO/CFO
Nevada Sleep Diagnostics, Inc.
Henderson, NV

The Stimulus Team Is Very Knowledgeable And Easy To Work With

The greatest benefit to Business Finance Corporation since choosing Stimulus Technologies is the team of service technicians that are available to resolve IT problems that come up. They are more responsive and professional than other IT firms we’ve worked with in the past.

The Stimulus team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their staff is pleasant, professional, and knows what they’re doing.

David J. Cabral President
Business Finance Corporation
Las Vegas, NV

Responsive, Easy to Work With & A Reasonable Price

We have worked with Stimulus Technologies since 2011. The biggest value we have received in working with Stimulus is peace of mind.  I know that my systems will always work when I need them.

Stimulus is always ahead of the game as it pertains to maintenance of our hardware and software. Their reporting systems and accountability measures provide a higher level of assurance than other IT firms I have worked with in the past.

If someone was on the fence about choosing Stimulus as an IT solution, I would tell them that in my experience working with other IT providers, Stimulus provides the most value for your money. You can rest easy knowing they have your back.

David M. Grant Esq. Partner
Grant Morris Dodds PLLC
Henderson, NV

Great Value and Quick Response

Stimulus Technologies provides us service that is customized to meet the IT needs of our business, which has helped it grow. In the three years we’ve been with Stimulus, we’ve had very little down time and we always receive a swift response from the tech team.

If someone asked me why they should go with Stimulus Technologies I would tell them Stimulus provides a great value and is quick to respond to their needs.

Dan Wickizer President
Advantage Warehousing & Logistics
Las Vegas, NV

A True Customer Relationship

With Stimulus Technologies we get improved service and the cultivation of a true customer relationship. They provide superior technology solutions while always considering future needs and our IT budget.

Stimulus provides a high level of service, quick response, competitive pricing, and technical knowledge. A partnership with Stimulus Technologies as your technology provider will give your internal customers the best in service and technical solutions.

Jere McBride Director, Technology Operations
Yellow Checker Star Transportation
Las Vegas, NV

Competitive Price And Better Speed

With Stimulus Technologies we obtained a fixed wireless ISP at a more competitive price that provided better speed with little latency, jitter, or packet loss.

Give fixed wireless a try. Stimulus Provides a better alternative to cable or DSL that is cheap, efficient, and provides a better-quality connection. The fact that it does not suffer from the typical pipe-related issues of other ISPs, makes it a great redundant ISP for businesses seeking redundancy.

Lawrence Weisman Chief Investment Officer
Pilot Grove Management, LLC
Las Vegas, NV

Cost Savings And Tremendous Customer Service

Stimulus Technologies doesn’t pigeon-hole their customers into thinking they only have one choice. They help us determine the best options for our business.

Another service tried to charge us 200% more than Stimulus and they were difficult to deal with. This was a huge savings and Stimulus provides tremendous customer service. I would tell others to choose Stimulus Technologies because they won’t be sorry.

Crystal VanDyke Apprenticeship Coordinator/Construction Director
Southern Nevada Teamsters Local 631
Las Vegas, NV

I Can Sleep At Night And Not Worry

Stimulus Technologies restored 90% of my 75,000 files of client images after I was infected with a ransomware virus – priceless!

Communication is something I get from Stimulus that I didn’t get from other IT firms in the past. If I have a situation my tech is on it. They always provide a timeline so I know what to expect. If it’s an emergency, it is dealt with within 24 hours.

Why go with Stimulus? You get what you pay for.  How valuable are your files and backups?  With Stimulus Technologies I can sleep at night and not worry. They are monitoring my systems 24/7. This saves me money and provides peace of mind because I cannot be down.

Mikel J. Conrad Owner
Mikel’s Photography and Design
Henderson, NV

Reliable, Responsive, Easy To Work With

The single biggest benefit we’ve received since starting with Stimulus Technologies is reliability. Compared to other IT firms we’ve worked with in the past Stimulus provides better customer service. The scheduling for install and setup was the best. It was done on-time and easy on my end.

I would tell someone to switch to Stimulus because if you’ve been putting up with outages and slow response times from another provider, you’re already a few steps behind your competition.

Dave Beason Owner
The Muffler Shop, Inc.
Henderson, NV

Stimulus Cares About Their Customers

As with all professional services working with a firm that cares matters. Stimulus definitely cares. They understand the IT needs of our business and they provide solutions. Stimulus makes sure we have the right fit for our technology.

Brad Mishlove CEO
Catapult Groups, LLC.
Las Vegas, NV

Knowledge And Security That My Data And Files Are Backed Up

With Stimulus Technologies I have the knowledge and security that my data and files are backed up every night. I would tell someone to choose Stimulus because I feel like I can always get in touch with the team and get immediate service if I need it.

Kenny Breen, Agent FSS LUTCF American National Insurance Co.
Las Vegas, NV

Stimulus Puts Our Needs First

Having a team of IT professionals manage our network remotely is more cost-effective than having on-site network techs. The availability of Stimulus Technologies technicians on weekends, holidays, and off-hours has been indispensable.

If someone asks why they should choose Stimulus, I would emphasize their experience as an IT firm. We have worked with them for many years and they always put Frontier Toyota’s needs first.

Their employees are very knowledgeable and they follow-up to ensure our IT issues have been resolved.

Jose Montenegro IT Department
Frontier Toyota
Valencia, CA

Stimulus Technologies Provides Dependable IT Service 

Stimulus Technologies is dependable. If we ever hit a snag and systems go down, Stimulus has us up in quick fashion. What they have over other IT firms we’ve worked with is the ability to get projects done in one visit. Major projects don’t take multiple visits to complete.

If someone’s thinking about choosing Stimulus I would tell them to reach out to me for a great reference!

Zachary Barfield Purchasing Manager
VSR Industries
Las Vegas, NV

Consistent, Well-managed, and Reliable

The single biggest benefit Stimulus Technologies provides is “great service calls”.  With your permission, Stimulus is quick to remote-in for service without having to wait for an appointment.  In most cases, my issues get resolved “real time.” 

Pricing is reasonable and I would recommend Stimulus to anyone who wants consistent, well-managed, and a reliable company for all their IT service needs.

Tony C. Mena Business Manager
Dealer Operating Control Service, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA

Our Small Business Gets Big Business Support

As a small business, Stimulus Technologies allows us to have the kind of IT support and assistance a large firm with a dedicated IT department has. Their convenient, and responsive service allows us to have everyday IT support.

Sheryl Martello Corporate Administrator
Waste Logistics, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

When We Call We Know the People We Are Talking To.

We get quick results with little down time with Stimulus Technologies. Your speed in solving any issues whether its billing or IT is a huge benefit to our staff.

When we call we know the people we are talking to.  We have our specific guys that work for us and it is nice to be able to talk with the same people, they are all very knowledgeable and courteous.

Stimulus Technologies is dependable and knowledgeable and always gets the job done for us without a lot of expense. This company is proficient in solving issues both remotely and in person when required.

Lance D Mayor, MD Internal Medicine
Las Vegas, NV