Converge | verb | \kən-ˈvərj\ : to come together and have one interest, purpose, or goal

What is the goal of technology in your organization?

The primary result of technology in business is the increase of productivity by people.  Each employee can produce more results because of technology.  Whether that technology is a computer, machine, automation or other device, technology make the same job happen faster and better.

Technology should be easy to use.  Apple has proved that technology can be simple, efficient, easy to learn and very powerful.  The same principles that Apple applied to cellular phones, music players, tablets and PCs can be applied to business compute.  Technology should just work without complications to the user.

Studies over the years have shown that happy employees leads to happy customers.  Employees must be engaged in the business, feel that they are making a positive contribution and have the tools to get their job done.  The right technology in the business can increase employee satisfaction tremendously.

Your business should be easy to engage with.  Every contact point with a customer, from your web site, email system, phone system and personal interactions, should be positive for the customer.  Customers should be able to easily get your products or services.  This concept is what made companies like Amazon and Zappos so successful.  Concepts like One-Click and free returns make doing business with those companies easy.  Technology can help you improve your customer service and make doing business with your company easy.

Employee Satisfaction + Customer Satisfaction = Higher Profit Margins.  Employees will stay with your company longer.  They will have more incentive to make your customers happy.  Happy customers are repeat customers and are more willing to pay higher prices for higher value.  In the end, you will have higher profit margins and more business.

The recent trend to allow employees to work from anywhere has created a problem for IT professionals: balance security with ease of use.  There are many tools out there to allow for employee mobility, but many of them do not provide the security necessary for even a small business.  It is critical to balance the employee’s need to work from anywhere with properly securing the company’s intellectual property.

In today’s market, businesses need to be able to grown and move at a moment’s notice.  Adding employees should not be a large capital cost and needs to be done quickly.  Fast business response to market changes allows a company to beat its competitors to market.

The Stimulus Solution: Converged Managed Services

Stimulus Technologies offers a complete solution to meet your business technology goals.  That means you will have one service provider to call to maximize your business potential.  Stimulus offers cloud computing, managed IT services, Internet and VoIP phone systems.  All these technologies working together will give your business the tools it needs to succeed in today’s marketplace.

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