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Think Twice Before Opening These Five Types of Email

Email From A Financial Institution Look very closely at email messages that appear to be from your bank, PayPal, your credit card company, your mortgage company, or any other place that says they have your money. Impersonating a financial institution ...

Clean Desk Practices To Keep Your Information Safe

Our cubicles and desks can start to feel like home after a while. It’s great to add that personal touch to our workspace, but it’s important to not let general cyber-safety practices slide no matter how comfortable in our space ...

How To Make Sure You Never Fall Victim To Ransomware

2018 is the year that most people added the word cryptocurrency to their vocabulary.  Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin dominated the news cycle as many people became rich from the cryptocurrency bubble.  What the news didn't report is that many people ...

5 Myths Small Business Owners Believe About Cyber Security

When large companies like Target or Equifax are the victims of cyber-attack it’s easy to think your smaller business could never suffer the same fate. It  might seem that smaller businesses wouldn’t have anything that attracts cyber-attackers or that they would ...

Stimulus Technologies at HCC Connect Expo 2018

We had a great time at the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Connect Expo 2018! We had a lot of fun mingling with the Henderson business community and taking Stimulus penguin pictures in our "photo booth." Check out some of our ...

10 Steps You Can Take To Physically Protect Your Network

Protecting your network goes beyond installing anti-virus programs and backing up your data. You can also physically protect your system from break-in and theft. Stimulus Technologies suggests in a layered approach to keeping your information out of the hands of ...

Time-Saving Tips For Microsoft Office

If you’ve ever spent way too long trying to recover a lost document, deciphering a Word document , or creating a report from your data, you’re not alone. It’s so easy to spend hours on what should have been a ...

Four Easy Ways Office 365 Can Increase Your Productivity

Work online from any computer anywhere you have a connection This might be my favorite feature of Office 365. Recently I was on a business trip where I needed to use the WiFi provided by the conference I was at. ...

Using Social Media While On Vacation  

Here’s the scary truth: 80% of thieves are using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We all love to share the great places we’re visiting while we’re on vacation. As tempting as it might be to share ...

Secret Ways To Get More Productivity Out Of Every Employee

  I was speaking with a civil engineer the other day about his early days in the business.  When he was in college, he learned how to design roads and bridges with the slide rule and hand drew all his ...


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