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Internet Speeds Start to Change the Cloud Landscape

One of the largest hurdles for businesses is to move their computer infrastructure to the cloud -- essentially moving their servers to data centers -- has been the speed and reliability of the Internet connections serving their offices.  Users are ...

Adding Value to Your Business with Technology

I attended a conference recently on the topic of adding value to your business.  Every business will have to transition ownership at some point in it's life and a business owner is going to want to create as much corporate ...

Office 365 Review

Due to high pressure from other online service providers such as Google and Apple, Microsoft released Office 365 in June 2011.  It's flagship business design of running an onsite Windows Server, Windows desktop software and Office application suite was quickly ...

Local Network Security

Most of the news stories recently about computer security relates to Internet hacking, but there is generally a root cause of all hacking, and it often comes from internal network policies.  There are ...

What is broadband?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing major changes to Internet services.  One of these changes is the definition of "Broadband".  For the last several years, that benchmark has been 4 megabits a second ...

The Latest Evolution of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, and other bad programs have been around for many years. They have caused destruction of computer systems, even causing hardware failures. Hackers use them to gain access to sensitive ...

Are you backing up your data?

With an increasing number of spyware attacks that put your data and files at risk, backing up your computer and/or server is very important. It can prevent you from having downtime, losing important files ...

CPU Performance – How to choose the best processor

When buying a new computer, it can be confusing to figure out what is the best processor. Do you need to stick with Intel? If so, should you purchase a Core i3, i5 or ...

What you need to know about data centers

Just about every business or entity has a data center, whether is onsite, located at a provider’s facility or in the cloud. But what are ...

Are battery backup units necessary?

The short answer is yes, battery backup units, appropriately named an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) can prevent your computer equipment from getting damaged by providing an additional layer of protection in case of ...


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