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Stimulus Technologies Gets Together!

After a year apart - working remotely and seeing each other on computer screens - the Stimulus team was able to get together for some fun in the sun. The team spent Saturday afternoon at our Luau themed party, enjoying ...

Three Things I Learned From Kevin O'Leary and Marcus Lemonis

Each quarter, I get the opportunity to attend a technology industry conference focused on sales and marketing our services to Stimulus’ clients.  One of the highlights of these conferences is to hear from speakers from a wide range of industries ...

How the Colonial Pipeline Hack Affects Your Business

On May 7, 2021 hackers shut down the Colonial Pipeline, the main artery pipeline of gasoline to the East Coast of the United States.  It may be some time, or possibly never, ...

What Are Managed Services, And Why You Should Demand This From Your IT Company

We all want to protect our businesses. They’re a part of who we are, and it would be devastating if anything bad happened — including an unexpected cyberattack. But it happens. Businesses ...

Take These Steps for Cyber Security Disater Planning

You NEVER See It Coming! But Once It Hits, Everyone Says, “I Wish I Would Have _____” A year ago, no one could have predicted that countless businesses would shift to a remote work model. The pandemic hit hard and ...

Cyber Security Tip of the Month: Log Out Before Closing Your Browser

Did you know that when you log in to a site, your information is saved? Think about when you’ve accidently close your browser and then open again. Chances are you’re still logged in the site you were using and can ...

Employees Are Letting Hackers Into Your Network ... What You Can Do To Stop It

Cyberthreats are everywhere these days. Hackers, scammers and cybercriminals are working overtime to break into your network – and the network of just about every business out there. They have a huge arsenal of tools at their disposal, from automated bots ...

Keeping Your Mobile Device Secure On-The-Go

We live in a mobile world. Even when we’re at home, we’re connecting to people and places all over the world. Even in the current conditions of social distancing, many of us are likely getting out of the house when ...

Navigating Your Business Through Crisis to Come Out Ahead

What happens when events beyond your control affect the daily operation of your business. This question has come to the forefront due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, but there are many factors that can affect the well-being of a business. ...

Creating Your Incident Response Plan

In a recent post we discussed how to be a “human firewall” to protect your company’s information. In this month’s issue, we’ll be talking about how a human firewall responds to a security incident. Why do you need an Incident ...


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