With an increasing number of spyware attacks that put your data and files at risk, backing up your computer and/or server is very important. It can prevent you from having downtime, losing important files or customer information forever.

Older backup methods include tape backups, when you manually record your data to a tape, which sometimes gets used over and over again, overwriting previous backups; or backing up to an external hard drive, another manual task that requires you or someone in your staff to remember to back up the data every day. The biggest down side of both of these, is that you are not protected against catastrophes like accidental file deletion, hard drive crash, theft, fire, etc.

Stimulus Technologies highly recommends offsite backup services that automatically backup your computer or server data after hours every day and retains your information for several years. It is important to also find a solution that is easy to restore. Here are four cloud services we like:


Carbonite is one of the most popular and known services for cloud backup solutions. They offer a 30 day trial and their business plan starts at $269.99 a year for 250GB (Approximately 92 cents per GB). The basic business plan can be used for unlimited computers, hard drives and NAS devices, it doesn’t backup servers. If you want to back up your server, you need their Prime business plan for $599.99 a year for 500GB (Approximately 83 cents per GB).
Pros: Access files and data from mobile devices, HIPPA complaint backups, file encryption, easy profile creation, phone and online support.
Cons: No monthly plans, automatic service renewals, first backup can take several days or weeks depending on the amount of data you have and internet connection.

Vegas Backup

This is Stimulus Technologies’ offsite file and data backup service; you can sign up for a 30 day trial. When you are ready to subscribe, the cost per GB is 50 cents with a minimum of 20GB of storage ($10/mo). You can schedule unlimited workstations and servers under one account to do the backups automatically, after hours, daily.
Pros: Data is encrypted, daily emails with notifications in case a backup fails or is missed, easy software installation, manage multiple workstation backups with one control manager, quick an easy restore through utility tool or online user site, 7 year retention policy, phone, client portal and email support.
Cons: No access from mobile devices, system does daily snapshots rather than file synchronization which means you could lose data if a disaster happens at 4pm and your backups are schedule at 5pm every day, your restore would have the files of the day before up to 5pm.

Mozy by EMC

Mozy is another well recognized cloud backup service in the market. Their enterprise plans allows you to backup workstations and servers in multiple locations and easily manage them with a control panel. Their business plan starts at $94.99 a month for 250GB (Approximately 37 cents per GB), note that the business plan does not backup servers; you need to contact Mozy to get pricing for the Enterprise plan. They have a 30 day trial.
Pros: Month to month plans, different types of encryption, ability to backup computers and servers in multiple locations from one account, complete control when scheduling backups.
Cons: No file sharing capabilities, no phone support, no access from mobile devices, does not backup removable drives.


Backblaze is known for being one of the simplest cloud backup services with just one plan for consumers and one plan for business. The business plan costs $50 per year with a minimum of 5 computers for unlimited data. Backblaze does not backup servers (including Exchange and SQL), so if you have an Exchange Server with an IMAP email account, your emails won’t get backed up. However, if you work with POP3 email accounts and don’t have a server, this plan is great for small offices that have a tech savvy staff person.
Pros: Plan is for unlimited data, no need to worry about how much space you are using or about paying more, easy installation and restore of files.
Cons: Does not back up servers, administrative console not available for business accounts, there is no online or phone support.

When selecting a cloud backup solution make sure to understand the installation, restore and maintenance program to assure your data and files are actually backing up, and if something happens to your computer or server, you can easily and efficiently restore your data.

For questions about backup programs, or to get started with Stimulus Technologies’ Vegas Backup, give us a call at 702-534-5525 or email cdavila@stimulustech.com.