Network maintenance can be time consuming, expensive and difficult to manage. From computer and servers breaking to unreliable backups or not knowing if your computers are getting the latest antivirus and security updates they need.

Stimulus Technologies has created plans to manage and support your new or existing technology infrastructure and help your business get rid of the everyday IT pains.

The Stimulus Technologies Advantage

Get Started:

  • We do a complete analysis of your existing infrastructure, network and business needs
  • And partner with you to plan, create and execute an optimized and dynamic IT environment that will help you reduce operational cost.


  • Our full service team monitors each one of your computers and servers, installs security and antivirus updates, processes daily data backups, and advises when your computer runs out of memory, needs more CPU power or disk space.


  • Stimulus Technologies grows with your business. We install our monitoring system to any new workstation or server and transfer your data and software licenses when you upgrade to new hardware.

How Does Stimulus Technologies Compare?

Stimulus Technologies Break/Fix IT Service Over the Counter Software
Anti-Malware Daily updates scheduled to run after hours daily One time installation One time installation
Windows Updates Scheduled and Implemented User Managed User Managed
Remote Help Desk Available 24/7 to remote into your computer Depends on schedule Not Available
Offsite Data Backup Scheduled daily backups after hours Third party company or onsite backups User Managed
Proactive Service 24/7 monitoring and alerts Service when needed User Managed
Reports Monthly Not included or available Not included or available
Full Service Staff Available 24/7 One person or short staffed team Not included or available

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