From Stimulus Technologies

We are all ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Are you ready to head to the stores? This Friday 11/23 be prepared to shop like a pro, follow this simple tips and enjoy your holiday weekend.

• Beat the crowd this Black Friday by hitting early bird and night owl specials for those who like to stay up late to shop.

• Do your research on big ticket items before you purchase to ensure you have the right product to fit your needs.

• Check to see if extra discounts or benefits are given if you pay with your store credit card. You may save more money or get an extra freebie!

• Become aware of changing store policy. Some stores offer sale items that have a no return policy. Be sure to ask if all items are returnable.

• Decrease your buyer’s remorse by comparing the prices of items before you start shopping so you know where the best deals are.

• Bring advertisements to stores that respect the “Lowest Price Guarantee”. The advertisement will be tangible proof of a lower price so the store may honor the deal.

• Remember to ask for a gift receipt. Most stores automatically include a gift receipt during the holiday season but it’s good to be sure you will receive one in the event of buying a gift.