Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Distractions are one of the biggest drains on productivity. Even when no one is bothering you, office chatter can easily become a distraction. Drown it out with some noise-cancelling headphones so you can listen to only what you want to hear.

 Everlast Notebook 

The Everlast Notebook allows users to write notes, scan them, store them for future reference, and then wipe the notebook clean so it’s ready for fresh notes. It’s perfect for those who like to jot notes down without laboriously typing on a phone or opening up a laptop or tablet.

Portable Scanner 

You never know when you’re going to need to scan a document or receipts when you’re out of the office. A portable scanner can help you keep things in order in real time instead of having to wait until you’re back of the office. Some portable scanners will allow you to scan directly to email, scanner, or internal SD card so it can be used even if you don’t have  your laptop with you.

 Status Indicator Light 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said I wished people had a red or green light at their desk so everyone would know whether

they are available or not before walking over to their office or desk. With a Luxafor status indicator users can do just that. Just plug into a computer or laptop and everyone will know whether you’re availability by the red or green indicator light. Perfect for open office environments.

 Smart Marker 

Ever take photos of whiteboard meeting notes only to not be able to decipher them later? The e-Beam Smartmarker offers a solution. The smart marker sleeve attaches to most regular dry-erase markers and then “beams” your notes directly to you and anyone else, anywhere in the world. The marker isn’t limited to whiteboards and can be used on any surface.

 Window-Mounted Solar Charger 

A solar charger allows you to charge your device anywhere there is a window. If you’re set up where there isn’t an outlet in sight, you can simply mount the charger to a nearby window and plug in.

 Website and App Blocker 

The Saent button serves two purposes. Hit the button and your computer will block the sites and apps that you have determined are the biggest distraction. The button can force you to take a break from endless scrolling through social media or watching YouTube videos. The button will also change color to indicate you are busy, which will help control disruptions from co-workers.


 Sometimes you need to do something to get you through a long meeting or monotonous task. As an adult you probably don’t want to pull out a fidget-spinner or other fidget-device in a room full of other people or if you’ve ever sat next to someone clicking their pen over and over, there is a solution. Figi-pens offer quieter and more discrete options to help with restlessness and you can still take notes at the same time.


 The Mobicase easily transforms from laptop case into a workstation anywhere you happen to be. It’s perfect for those who have to travel a lot or who work outside the office.

 Butterfly VPN

 Keeping your information is essential and VPN helps you do just that. Public WiFi leaves your information vulnerable to hackers, but with the USB-based Butterfly VPN can turn any hotspot into a secure VPN connect. The device will encrypt your data and protect your information. Just plugin to a laptop, power bank, or USB outlet and connect to WiFi.

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