Work online from any computer anywhere you have a connection

This might be my favorite feature of Office 365. Recently I was on a business trip where I needed to use the WiFi provided by the conference I was at. The network asked me for a password. I asked one of the employees at the convention. As it turned out I needed a code that was sent to my email address so I could set up an account that would provide me with a WiFi password for the conference.

Unfortunately I hadn’t received that e-mail prior to leaving for the airport. I needed to log in to my work e-mail account through Outlook to get the code, but I needed WiFi to be able to do that. It was a Catch-22. I didn’t have my work e-mail on my personal cell phone, but then I realized I did. I logged into the Office 365 site, checked my e-mail, found the code and was logged into the WiFi network in minutes.

Not only was a I able to check my Outlook e-mail, but the documents I had saved to One Drive were also right there at the ready. The convenience of being able to access what I needed for my trip was a life-saver. With One Drive you can save reports and files that you need to access remotely, or share with others, without having to worry about having access to your entire network.

With Word Online you can also open your word documents even if the device you’re using doesn’t have Word installed. Just open you document, make changes, and save back to One Drive. It will be there when you need it again, even if you’re on a different device.

Real Time Co-Authoring

Anyone who has tried to collaborate on a project knows how challenging it can be to edit a single document. Who hasn’t opened an Excel spreadsheet or Word doc, made changes, only discover another version saved by another user in the folder? Collaboration in One Drive eliminates this problem. Not only can multiple users work in the same document at the same time, but you can watch the edits in real time.

Real-time co-authoring is available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making it easy to collaborate on a variety of projects. When more than one user is working in a document they will each have a different colored cursor denoting which user is making edits and what changes they have made. Other users who have the document open can see the edits being made as they happen, meaning multiple people can work together on a single document at the same time from different work stations.

Control E-Mail Overwhelm With Clutter and Ignore Reply-All

E-mail is a great communication tool. We can convey information, ask questions, or catch up with someone with just a few clicks of the keyboard. However, because it’s so easy, the amount of e-mail messages we receive can be overwhelming.

The Clutter feature in Office 365 Outlook helps with this. If you turn this feature on, Outlook will learn what e-mail messages get opened and which don’t. If you frequently receive e-mail messages from the same source that never get opened, Outlook will remember that and place those messages in a “Clutter” folder. You’ll still get them, but they won’t be clogging up your inbox. This is great if you subscribed to a mailing list that sends a lot of email. You can check them out on your own time and leave your inbox for your priority messages.

The other great Outlook feature for unclogging your in-box is Ignore Reply-All. Have you ever been caught in a never-ending e-mail chain with a bunch of people going back and forth on something you no longer need to be a part of? You can opt out of the chain by choosing the Ignore option in the Home tab. If you need to jump back into the conversation you can de-select Ignore to be included again.

Inspire Your Team With Office 365 Video

Use Office 365 Video to create a video channel that’s just for your team or business. It’s the perfect place for training videos, webinars, and presentations. You can even create different channels to separate videos by departments, teams, or projects.

This eliminates the hassle of sharing individual video files or uploading to a video hosting site like YouTube. With YouTube you have to keep internal videos private, which can end up anywhere once the link has been shared multiple times to multiple people.

Office 365 allows you to share videos with your team or they can log in to the team Office 365 site to see all the videos that have been uploaded. Even if you’re not a videographer, you can turn PowerPoint presentations into videos and upload them to Office 365 Video.


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