Safeguard your reputation. Defend against unauthorized access to your systems, data, and clients.


Your digital assets are valuable and vulnerable. Cybersecurity protects intellectual property, protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), and all kinds of industry and governmental information from theft and damage. Small and medium-sized businesses wrongly assume they aren’t worth a hacker’s effort. But, smaller unprotected systems often serve as the starting point for expanded cyber attacks. How are they getting in?

  • Ransomware locks up your organization's data until you pay
  • Malware or self-installing apps that perform malicious tasks
  • Phishing or misleading communications resulting in unintentional sharing
  • Drive-by Attacks or website visits that result in unintentional malware installs
  • Password Attacks where an attacker tries to guess, or “crack” your password

Cybersecurity is a road of risk assessment, planning, and execution. Together we’ll identify key functions for continuity to ensure protection and uninterrupted service to your clients. Secure organizations learn the language of risks and protection. We talk about cybersecurity in straightforward terms. This allows your organization and individuals within to develop best practices and understand roles in ongoing security.

Security begins with insight and best practices and is reinforced with monitoring and immediate response. Stimulus Technologies closes likely points of compromise. We secure configurations, manage licensing, and verify network security. We oversee access and user privileges and we focus on a culture of education and awareness. If an attack occurs, we are there 24/7/365 to walk you through incident management.



While primarily launched for financial gain, the motivations behind cyber crime are as mixed as the types of attackers. Whether cybercriminals or unethical competitors, attackers are hitting with greater sophistication.


The weakest link in the security chain is from within. They can be accidental, careless, and unfortunately malicious. Threats from the inside can come from current or former employees, third-party vendors, or partners.


Cybersecurity compliance is urged for all small and medium-sized businesses. And depending on the nature of your industry, regulation is mandated. Regulatory bodies work to stay in front of new risks and expect proof from your business of compliance.


The most significant benefit is your reputation—earned and kept. Years of exceptional work and relationship-building are undone through the painful and costly healing process of a data breach. Your customers need you to take cybersecurity seriously.

There’s a reason businesses in Las Vegas, Long Beach, CA, and Jefferson City outsource their IT to Stimulus Technologies—we’re the best. Our clients will tell you, or perhaps they already have: our dedicated team and locally staffed help desk manage your technology needs. All of them! We’re the IT service that fits your business.

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Finally an IT PARTNER that can do everything

Imagine a technology partner already familiar with your industry and business needs. Imagine your data and network—secure. Imagine business continuity and dependable voice and data services. Imagine round-the-clock support and flat rate pricing. Stimulus Technologies is your single source for every IT need. From Managed IT, to Broadband ISP to VoIP, we dedicate people and resources just for you and we do it all in-house with our own talent and technology.

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