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Brian Alwood
Managed Services Manager

Brian Alwood is Stimulus Technologies’ Director of Technical Operations. He joined the Stimulus Technologies team three years ago bringing over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, management and customer service field. Brian attended UNLV for Computer Science and worked for Dell as a trainer for five years. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Brian enjoys taking into new complex projects, completing tickets and forming long term relationships with our customers. When he is not at work Brian likes spending time with his family, camping, hiking and biking.

Nathan Whittacre
President and CEO

Nathan Whittacre has always been passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1988. He spent his early years reading about software programming and experimenting with BASIC programming on his home Atari computer. He founded his first business at age 11 when he started and ran a candy store for two years from his home. He was an early pioneer in telecommunications, running a bulletin board system (BBS) for several years until he was introduced to the Internet. While in high school, he worked several technology jobs building computers, helping maintain his school’s computer network, and providing technical support at an Internet Service Provider.
Nathan founded Stimulus Technologies in 1995 with his brother and father with a goal to provide advanced technology solutions for his clients. His passion for innovation, analyzing hard issues, creating solutions, and fixing problems has created a portfolio with a wide variety of Information Technology skills. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science from University of Nevada Las Vegas. As a lifetime student, he enjoys reading a diversity of books on entrepreneurship, company culture, psychology, religion, technology, and science fiction. When Nathan is not building his company and helping his clients, he enjoys spending time with his five children, camping, running marathons, racing in triathlons, volunteering at church and scouting, and flying his airplane.

Kaid Whipple
Professional Services Manager

Kaid Whipple joined the Stimulus team in February 2016. He is originally from Alamo, Nevada and has remained in the silver state most of his life. Kaid has always enjoyed working with computers; he joined the industry in 1994 where he began as a help-desk technician in the UNLV library. In 2000, he co-founded Saber Technologies LLC and operated the business for nearly 16 years. Kaid continues to value his clients and works hard to form and maintain genuine relationships with them. He has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration. In his free time, Kaid enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. He especially loves to hunt and fish. He is married to his college sweetheart, Leah. They are the parents of one daughter and two sons.

Sherry Lipp
Marketing Manager

Sherry Lipp joined the Stimulus team in March 2018. She grew up in Seattle, graduation from the University of Washington. Sherry moved to the Las Vegas area at the end of 2017 and brings over 15 years of marketing experience to the team, having worked in sports television, collectibles, and pro-audio. Outside of work Sherry enjoys, watching movies, cooking, and exploring the area with her husband and their dog Genevieve.

Taryn Copeman
Telecom Operations Manager

Taryn Copeman joined the Stimulus Technologies team in April 2014. She brings years of managing and planning experience in the hospitality, retail and distribution industries. Taryn grew up in Las Vegas but did spend a couple of years in Denver, Colorado. Taryn’s goals are to continue improving operational systems in our growing company with her contribution to strategies, policies & practices. She enjoys being the “right-hand man” to our technical staff when planning or deploying new projects. She is a mom of two sons & family time is most important to her.

Khrystal Hill

Khrystal Hill joined the Stimulus Technologies team in January 2021. She brings 20 years of accounting experience spanning multiple industries and roles. Originally from Oakland, CA she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting from California State University, Long Beach. Khrystal moved to the Las Vegas area for the second time in 2018 with her two sons to escape the rainy days in the Bay Area. Khrystal thrives on bringing a positive energy to all those around her both professionally and personally. In her spare time Khrystal is a huge sports fan and avid Jeopardy watcher.

Where it all started
Nathan Whittacre (Stimulus Technologies’ CEO) began his career nearly 30 years ago in a high school job with a short-lived local tech company. That brief stint wet Nathan’s appetite for more. He knew he was only getting started. Nathan went home and persuaded his dad and brother to create their own technology company. Nathan, his father Jarrard, and his brother Brett formed Whittrio Inc. in 1995.

Brett’s garage was the first location. Nathan and Brett built and installed PCs and networking equipment while they finished high school. They attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where Nathan earned his Master’s in Computer Science.

Whittrio grew and the business moved downtown to Henderson. This is where Whittrio became an internet service provider (ISP) for local businesses. Over the years, Nathan assumed day-to-day operations at Whittrio while Brett pursued other technology interests.

Whittrio becomes Stimulus Technologies
Nathan wanted a new name for the business that would convey activities that create energy: Stimulus! And for the logo, Nathan selected the Linux penguin Tux holding lightning to represent his commitment to Linux for business services.

Stimulus Technologies began a build-out of wireless network infrastructure and moved to 6100 Mountain Vista Street in Henderson. At the same time, Stimulus experimented with Managed IT Services models—expanding to manage end-to-end computer, server, and network infrastructure for small and medium-sized businesses.

Stimulus expanded again in 2007, permitting the company to extend additional internet services with high speed and VoIP phone services.

Stimulus Technologies deployed Metro Ethernet high-speed internet services in 2012, giving customers the choice of subscribing to fiber-optic-like internet in areas where fiber was not available. Metro Ethernet was optimized for high-priority VoIP and internet traffic. Today Metro Ethernet is the only wireless network in Las Vegas capable of serving VoIP services.

Stimulus Technologies continues its growth. Our Managed IT Services include partnerships with VMWare and Microsoft, allowing your businesses to expand, communicate, and mobilize your changing workforce. We grow, so your business can grow.

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There’s a reason businesses in Las Vegas, Long Beach, CA, and Jefferson City outsource their IT to Stimulus Technologies—we’re the best. Our clients will tell you, or perhaps they already have: our dedicated team and locally staffed help desk manage your technology needs. All of them! We’re the IT service that fits your business.

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Imagine a technology partner already familiar with your industry and business needs. Imagine your data and network—secure. Imagine business continuity and dependable voice and data services. Imagine round-the-clock support and flat rate pricing. Stimulus Technologies is your single source for every IT need. From Managed IT, to Broadband ISP to VoIP, we dedicate people and resources just for you and we do it all in-house with our own talent and technology.

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