A notification pops up on your phone, computer, tablet or any other device saying an update is available. Everyone sighs and presses that dreadful install later button, but we never get around to installing anything. Here are 4 reasons to do software updates.

1. Help patch security flaws 

Hackers love vulnerability. They can write code, aka malware, and take advantage of anything with security holes. They can infect your computer and take data. Most software updates include patches that cover those holes and keeps hackers out. This is also true for a lot of applications and browsers. 

  1. Protect Data 

As said above, Hackers can infect a computer and take data. Most malware that is created can also wipe data clean off any device and network leaving many with no idea what to do. Updating software and Operating Systems is the first line of defense for you to keep hackers out so they can’t spread viruses from computers or even servers.

 It’s not all about you

 We know quickly computer viruses can spread and no one wants to infect their family, friends or business network. In some cases, it does. If you’ve kept up with your antivirus software updates you can get alerts in real time if something “phishy” is going on and it will also keep any software stable.

  1. New Features 

Updates for new features happen every day; It could be an app or phone update. Luckily developers are always working to improve functionality in many tech ways. Adding a new feature or removing outdated features. In the end, it’s all about the user experience.

The next time you go for that install later button, don’t. It can help you stay protected, and also allow you to experience technology at its full potential.

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