Play a virtual game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, virtually roll some dice or flip a coin

Ever need to flip a coin, but don’t have one? No worries, Windows 10 has you covered with a  few built-in games. Just type “flip the coin” in your Cortana search and Windows will flip the coin for you. Just don’t forget to call heads or tails before you type! If you need more than a 50/50 coin toss, you can type “roll the dice” to get a craps-style dice roll. And last, but not least, if you’re lacking a partner to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with, Cortana has you covered there as well. Just type “rock, paper, scissors” into the search to play virtually with your computer. 


This is my favorite hidden feature. Ever have a bunch of windows open and don’t want to have to minimize them one by one? All you need to do is grab the top of the one you’re looking at and shake it. The windows minimize in a flash. Need them back? Shake again and up they come. This tool is great for cleaning up your screen and also makes a great digital fidget device.

Mixed Reality Viewer

This app is as cool as it sounds. It’s a 3D viewer that allows you to modify 3D models you’ve created in Paint 3D. If you’re not the creative type there are plenty of models you can play around with the thousands available from the Microsoft library. The app is also compatible with Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality partner headsets.


Talk to Cortana

If you’re signed in to Cortana you can do all kinds of things by talking to it. You can also enable “Hey Cortana” so it will pop up when it hears those words. You can ask Cortana questions and it will search for the info just like Siri on iPhone. You can also ask Cortana do things like set a reminder, check your flight status, find directions, set an alarm, and turn WIFI and Bluetooth on or off on your computer. You can even train Cortana to respond to only your voice.

Turn your command prompt ghostly

This is a settings feature that not only looks cool, it also allows you to see what’s behind your command prompt while you’re working. To do this, bring up your command prompt (type “command prompt” in the search), right click at the top of the window, choose Properties from the pop-up window, and click the Colors tab. From there you’ll be able to choose whatever color you like for your Command window and at the bottom there is an opacity slider that will allow you make the window as transparent as you like.

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