When large companies like Target or Equifax are the victims of cyber-attack it’s easy to think your smaller business could never suffer the same fate. It  might seem that smaller businesses wouldn’t have anything that attracts cyber-attackers or that they would even know  your business exists. Why would they be looking for it?

Here are five myths about smaller business cyber security.

Myth: Their business is too small to be a target for cyber-criminals.

Fact: Small and medium businesses are the PRIMARY target for cyber-attackers. Many small to medium business owners believe their business is too small for a cyber-thief to take any interest in. Unfortunately, this belief isn’t true. Cyber-criminals have set their sights on smaller businesses because they often don’t have the proper security and training in place to prevent attacks.

Myth: “Over-the-counter” virus protection is enough to protect their business.

Fact: Virus protection available at your office supply store is designed for single browser web surfing at home. They’re not adequate for protecting your entire business. At Stimulus Technologies we recommend a multi-layered approach to cyber security that includes software, back-ups, and employee training.

Myth: Their business has never had a breach in the past, so it’s unlikely it ever will.

Fact: Statistically speaking small to medium business owners should expect they will be targets by hackers at some point. According to the Ponemon University 2017 report The State of Cybersecurity in Small and Medium-sized Businesses, cyber attacks on small businesses increased from 55% to 61% between 2016 and 2017.

Myth: Their employees know how to spot malicious email messages.

Fact: According to the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 1 in 5 breaches are caused by employee error. This could be a failure to delete, or shred, confidential information, sending confidential information to the wrong person, or clicking a phishing email. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and difficult to spot, proper training is an essential part of any comprehensive cyber security plan.

Myth: You can “fix it and forget it” when it comes to their business cyber security plan.

Fact: Many business owners believe they are set once they install their virus and firewall protection. The same system stays in place as their business grows. A year later, when they have added several employees and computers, that security system they installed will no longer be adequate, increasing their risk for cyber-attack.

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