Evernote— As the name suggests, this app is for taking notes. The cool thing about Evernote is that users can capture a variety of media types: voice memos, text, imges, and checklists. Users can snap shots of a passage from a book or notes on a whiteboard and Evernote will convert the information into searchable text, making it easy to find later.

Copied— Ever copy some text on your phone and then wonder what happened to it when you need to paste it? Copied helps easily manage all the snippets you want to save. You can even edit the text before you paste it somewhere else. The app will store text, images and links on a clipboard for immediate access or they can be saved for long-term use.

Adobe Acrobat— Working with PDF files on a tiny iPhone screen can be tedious to say the least, but the Adobe Acrobat app helps ease the pain. This app allows users to mark up PDF files—highlighting, striking out text, drawing, and even signing are literally at the tips of the fingers with this app. Files can also easily be shared directly from the app.

Swiftkey— Perfect for those you don’t like to tap out words on their phone keyboard one letter at a time. Swiftkey allows users to drag their finger over the letters of a word. When the finger is lifted, the app figures out what the word is and it’s added to your document. The more the app is used, the quicker it becomes at figuring out words. Swiftkey can also work in two different languages at the same time so users don’t have to switch keyboards if they are typing in multiple languages.

Toggl—This useful app helps keep track of how much time is spent on different tasks during the workday. Users can track billable hours for clients, time spent in meetings, time spent on calls, or pretty much any other activity done during the work day. It’s a great way to measure productivity and to keep track of any time spent away from your desk or office.

Lucidchart— For jobs that require creating diagrams and flowcharts, this app will help accomplish those tasks right on the user’s phone. A variety of visual diagrams can easily be created, including: room diagrams, org charts, decision trees, flowcharts, and even complex technical diagrams.

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