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Affordable — on-demand — grow-as-you-grow — web-based. The cloud frees you of hardware dependency and cost and will make your business more nimble and competitive.


Cloud-based services are so common that you scarcely give them consideration. Yet, you may be hard-pressed to explain just where your files are or how it all works. Nearly everything you do with your phone, computer, and internet-connected TV is cloud-based. As you seek to incorporate cloud services into your business it helps to think of the services you use already:

  • Productivity—Office365, Google Docs, Gmail, Prezi
  • eCommerce—Amazon, eBay, Fandango
  • File Sharing—Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive
  • Finance—Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, PayPal
  • Business Listings—Google Maps, Yelp
  • Entertainment—Netflix, YouTube, Spotify

When small and medium-sized businesses embrace cloud computing they enjoy benefits that were once only available to larger organizations. The term “scaleability” is often associated with cloud services. This means that you won’t have to overbuild a solution now because you may use it in the future. With cloud services, you won’t have to invest in depreciating infrastructure. These tools live in the cloud and are available and expandable simply when you expand or have the need.

Stimulus Technologies guides the discovery of your business needs and opportunities. We will assess how you’re using technology today and learn about the needs of your customers and workforce. We recommend services that enhance, save money, and give your business a competitive edge.



When you aren’t buying and maintaining your own hardware, the investment in infrastructure and technology management is significantly reduced. Cloud services enhance collaboration and communication resulting in fewer meetings, fewer trips, and more savings.


Scale up or down to suit your circumstances. Adding storage for filesharing or backup becomes a real-time update on a dashboard instead of a lengthy and complex hardware upgrade. Often the cost of cloud services is based on the number of users using the tool and can easily be expanded or contracted as your needs change.


Protecting your data is an essential component of business continuity planning. Whether you experience a power failure, a natural disaster, or a cyber attack, having your data backed up off-site ensures it is protected. And the cloud offers real-time access to critical data minimizing downtime and loss of productivity.


Give your organization and clients the ability to team-up and share. The cloud connects locations, workforce, contractors, and third parties. Take advantage of speed and clarity as cloud services blur the lines between distance and timezones.

There’s a reason businesses in Las Vegas, Long Beach, CA, and Jefferson City outsource their IT to Stimulus Technologies—we’re the best. Our clients will tell you, or perhaps they already have: our dedicated team and locally staffed help desk manage your technology needs. All of them! We’re the IT service that fits your business.

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Finally an IT PARTNER that can do everything

Imagine a technology partner already familiar with your industry and business needs. Imagine your data and network—secure. Imagine business continuity and dependable voice and data services. Imagine round-the-clock support and flat rate pricing. Stimulus Technologies is your single source for every IT need. From Managed IT, to Broadband ISP to VoIP, we dedicate people and resources just for you and we do it all in-house with our own talent and technology.

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