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Azure Virtual Desktop is The Single Most Effective Technology Solution for Remote & Hybrid Workforce in a Post-Pandemic Business World


  • You had to change how your business operated after COVID-19 sent most of your workforce home.
  • Your employees still work from home part of the time.
  • You don’t plan on bringing all your staff back to the office full time.
  • You want to be able to access your files and programs wherever you are.
  • You are unsure about the future business (political or social) environment, so you don’t want to make a large capital investment in your computer infrastructure.
  • You want to be able to grow and shrink your workforce as your business needs change.

If you related to any of the statements above, Azure Virtual Desktop might be the right solution for your business. Microsoft released Azure Virtual Desktop to the public in March 2020 (perfect timing for the pandemic) as part of the restructuring of their Microsoft 365 services. It is a revolutionary product that combines several existing product lines in a complete package.


These include their legacy Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) suite of office tools, Microsoft Azure cloud services, and a product called FSLogix that glues the two together. For most businesses, using a brand-new, bleeding-edge, revolutionary product can be scary. Azure Virtual Desktop is a suite of tried and true products used by large & small businesses for many years; it's now packaged in a complete suite that small businesses can use to their advantage in the marketplace.

What Azure Virtual Desktop is Not

We know that when techies start talking about their new fandangled technology products, most people’s eyes glaze over. Before we get into the juicy details about what Azure Virtual Desktop is, we want to dispel a few myths you may have heard about Azure Virtual Desktop.

  • It is not Warp Drive for your starship, although it will accelerate your business past your competitors running on old servers sitting in their dusty closet.
  • It won’t take you on the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, but it will allow your employees to access their desktop, programs, and files wherever they are, even from a web-browser.
  • It is not the Golden Idol from an archaeological dig; however, IT professionals have been searching for this complete solution for many years.
  • Your data does not exist in a Cloud, miles above the earth. Your data is stored in secure data centers across the country operated by Microsoft.


Like many business owners, do you worry about implementing a new technology in your company? Have you ever bought a new software, server, product, or fancy shiny object, only to be disappointed about how it performed in your company? Has the company that was supposed to implement the new technology let you down?

You aren’t alone! Most businesses owners have bought into something new and been disappointed with the results. That is why Stimulus Technologies’ priority is to make sure whatever technology we recommend to our clients is proven by others and we’ve tested it thoroughly within our company before we ever recommend it to our clients. We have helped over 100 businesses, just like yours, transition successfully to Azure Virtual Desktop over the last 5 years. We’ve untied these companies from buying Office licenses for their computers, thrown out their old and outdated onsite Exchange servers, and freed them from difficult Microsoft licensing programs.

By moving to Microsoft Azure, you are joining 95% of all Fortune 500 companies that rely on Azure every day.

circle progress indicator, indicating 95%

You might recognize a few of these names. These companies have moved their data and programs to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure because it is the best in the world. It allows them to scale, change, and implement new technologies quickly and reliably. It is good company for your business to be in.

The logos of fortune 500 companies represented as using Microsoft Azure. A brief selection of companies includes: Honeywell, 3M, NBC, Toyota, Mazda, Xerox

What is Azure Virtual Desktop in non-tech speak?

Microsoft Azure allows you to run servers and computers in a data center, which is built with redundant power, Internet connections and physical security, that is managed by Microsoft. Rather than having to buy new servers and computers, you rent them from Microsoft. Azure Virtual Desktop is a technology that allows your employees to access their desktop that is running in Azure from anywhere they have access to the Internet.



You can access Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365 from pretty much any device from anywhere. Desktop, laptop, tablet, cellular phone, or web browser – access your files, documents, programs, and Windows 10 Desktops, anywhere and anytime.


Azure Virtual Desktop is built on top of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft won the award from the US Department of Defense for its JEDI Top Secret cloud solution. It is the most secure cloud environment available. We help you implement the security you need to keep your systems safe, which includes multi-factor authentication, user policies, backup, and retention policies.


With Azure Virtual Desktop, you can add new and remove users whenever you want. You can add extra storage, new servers, and deploy new programs quickly without buying more hardware. This allows your company to change as the business environment changes (for the better or worse).When users aren’t logged in and using their systems, their desktops shut down, saving you money.


The server infrastructure in Azure is modern and scalable. Your data is stored on high-performance solid-state drives. You can assign users to shared, dedicated or high-performance graphic desktops, all depending on their needs.


Your data is spread across multiple servers in highly redundant data centers. You no longer have to worry about the power being on at your office, your internet service connection being cut or any other variables that plague computer infrastructure in your office. If you have issues at your primary business location, you can send your employees to work wherever is convenient for them.

Ease of Management

Stimulus Technologies has partnered with Nerdio, a complete management company built around Azure Virtual Desktop. The tools from Nerdio allow Stimulus to easily manage your Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure. You also get one bill for everything – Azure, Microsoft 365 and IT management.


When it comes to your IT, it might feel like there’s a lot that you don’t know. It’s easy to feel out of the loop when it comes to technology, especially concerning the cloud. And while it might seem like a confusing, ambiguous process, Stimulus Technologies’ service and solutions are user-friendly and custom-tailored to help foster your success. We analyze your business processes and make sure the solution is easy for you, your business’ finances, and your employees.


For a successful migration to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, various steps need to be taken. If even one element is missing, it could end up being a painful, expensive, and time-consuming process. Stimulus Technologies takes consultative approach, making sure that all the right elements are in place before we help you make the move to the cloud. Your business success is our success.

Putting the Plan Together

Our first priority is to understand your business. We will hold a free consultation to understand what you hope to achieve by moving to Azure Virtual Desktop. Along with detailing how the migration will work, your dedicated Stimulus technical account manager will offer advice and strategic guidance to help overcome your short- and long-term challenges. We will identify the right solutions and services for your needs, ensuring you hit the ground running once the migration is complete. If Azure Virtual Desktop isn’t a fit for your organization, we will tell you. We want you to make the best decision for your business.

An Audit of Your IT Infrastructure

Once the general consultation is complete, we’ll take a closer look at your current IT infrastructure. By conducting an in-depth audit, we can gain a greater understanding of what the migration will entail. We use several tools to help us identify your IT processes, current infrastructure and how to migrate it to Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop. We will prepare an extensive report and executive summary, detailing out the project plan, project costs, and ongoing expenses. We will also compare it again your potential future costs of sticking with your current IT infrastructure so you can make the best decision possible for your business.

The Implementation

Prior to the relocation to Azure with Azure Virtual Desktop, a final round of testing is conducted. These pre-migration checks help us to know everything is fine with the cloud infrastructure before completing the transition. We want the migration to have little impact on your employees and customers, so a seamless migration is essential. We will transition your data and applications to Microsoft 365 hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Azure servers and Azure Virtual Desktop in stages. It is a great opportunity to audit your data, security credentials and complete IT environment to make sure it fits your current and future business needs. We will work with your staff to ensure the right data is moved over and the right people have access to it. We will also work with your line-of-business application vendors to ensure that the software you use works correctly in Azure Virtual Desktop once you go live.

Making the Most of Your Environment

Our goal is to help your people to use the new IT infrastructure to its full capability.We will assist your entire staff to make sure they have access to everything they need, patiently answer all their questions, and provide training on the new system.

Dedicated Support Team

After your transition, you and your employees will have direct access to your dedicated support team through Stimulus’ Lightning Support. We have a US based Help Desk team to triage any issues and requests and resolve small and simple issues while one the phone, through chat or SMS texting or through email communication. If the problem needs escalation, you will have an assigned support team that consists of a System Technician, a System Administrator, and a System Engineer. This team will get to know you and your business. They work together to solve technical issues and employee requests to ensure that your technical environment is working seamlessly to help you achieve business success.

There’s a reason businesses in Las Vegas, Long Beach, CA, and Jefferson City outsource their IT to Stimulus Technologies—we’re the best. Our clients will tell you, or perhaps they already have: our dedicated team and locally staffed help desk manage your technology needs. All of them! We’re the IT service that fits your business.

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Finally an IT PARTNER that can do everything

Imagine a technology partner already familiar with your industry and business needs. Imagine your data and network—secure. Imagine business continuity and dependable voice and data services. Imagine round-the-clock support and flat rate pricing. Stimulus Technologies is your single source for every IT need. From Managed IT, to Broadband ISP to VoIP, we dedicate people and resources just for you and we do it all in-house with our own talent and technology.

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